funny fridays-12.16

MOM: How do you do numbers? 9 ah

* Me: I’m not sure when I’ll be home just leave the light on for me.
* Dad: K kslmdg
* Me: Huh?
* Dad: Ok keep safe love mum dad georgie

MOM: Do u think u would ever have use for a rock collection? It is a small set w/about 50 rocks?

* MOM: I’m watching a video where they introduced some beagles to life after a life in captivity (beagles see sun and grass for first time)
* ME: :(
* MOM: I know!!!! I cried like a baby! poor things: hopefully they will get some loving homes
* ME: Ya.
* MOM: That’s not very enthusiatic. do you not care about the beagles?

* Mom: I am watching you sleep. Is that creepy?
* Mom: I am now touching your fingertips to see if they are retractable
* Mom: They are

* MOM: What are these.. mad birds?
* ME: Angry birds?
* MOM: Yes. Who are they?


Annie said...

Oh my goodness... your mother sounds so much like mine.

Kate said...

Hahaha, this was so funny. Loved the last one.