halloween candy and hookers

I love this video so much! My friend sent it to me and said she thinks I would've acted like this when I was little. You see, I wasn't really allowed to have much candy growing up. So when Halloween came, I knew the trick was to eat it as I was trick or treating, because my mom would tend to hide our candy when we got home. Good thing she wasn't great at hiding (or maybe I am just excellent at seeking :-) -- because I would usually find it a couple days later.

Halloween was one of my favorites to me, because candy was such a prized possession. I also loved being creative with my costumes. My parents didn't buy me the store bought costumes (I didn't ask for them either) so I would make my own every year. I wish more kids did that. Actually, if we are wishing things, I wish people wouldn't use Halloween as a justification to dress like a hooker because "it's a dress up holiday." You're really telling me those little wings on your back make you look more like an angel than an aspiring lingerie model? Ugh.

I'm trying to think back to some of my costumes..here we go:
3rd grade: Snow White
4th grade: mirror (I just literally wrapped myself in aluminum foil, I even had a ski hat covered in it too)
5th grade: red car I made out of cardboard, wire hangers, spray paint and a UGA megaphone (for the wheel of course)
6th grade: a klutz (I wore bandages and casts, and I had crutches that my mom stole from the hospital so me and my sister could play with them)
7th grade: hippie
8th grade: can't remember, will get back to you
9th grade: thought I was too cool to still trick or treat, went to a house party instead
10th grade: realized I had been dumb the year before for forgoing free candy, but still too cool to dress up :-(

This year Matt and I went as the Snuggie Infomercial couple.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Did you make your own or wear store bought ones?

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