greater respect for working and stay-at-home moms

Since we got married, I have been trying hard to establish a routine in some of the "wifey, domestic" tasks that I have now been given. I had to say that is is very hard!

I don't even have kids, or a dog (which are so close to kids anyway) and I have a hard time trying to fit everything in a day. I want to cook more to save our family money, and hopfeully eat better, and want to work out to stay in shape, clean the house so my mind isn't cluttered, and also hang out with/help out my parents. And there's the little thing called a social life (Bachelor/Pretty Little Liar viewing parties, drinks out with the girls, church small group). If I have to go to the grocery store to get something for the meal I'm cooking that night, you might as well forget about it. I absolutely hate the grocery store because I can never find anything and there are people everywhere! You can't even stop for five seconds to check your list for the next item when you get the awkward "um, excuse me ma'am?" Ugh, just go around me!" I come home all stressed out and grumpy and def. not in the mood to cook. All I want to do is relax and not be walking around a store like a mouse in an elementary school science fair looking for the cheese at the end of the maze. You know the cool kids who did that, and had the multi-colored tubes and were always the hit of the class.

I usually leave work at 5, which is early for a 40 hour a week job. I can't imagine if I worked until 6 or later, like so many women do. I really wouldn't the have time for this stuff. 

So basically, I have a greater respect for women who are doing all of these things AND who have kids. Kudos to you all.

How do you handle all of this? Is there a way to stay organized that works in your family? Is it just a day by day struggle?


Rachel Johnson said...

Plan ahead as much as possible. When we first got married I was trying to cook elaborate meals so Aubs would be impressed with my skills in the kitchen. But, the more involved the meal, the more ingredients and the longer it takes. So now I keep things simple. Grilled or baked chicken or fish, a veggie and rice or baked potato. Quick, easy and healthy. Plus you can do all your shopping for the week on the weekend. Try to do one house chore a day (laundry on Saturday, clean bathroom on Monday, vacuum in Tuesday, etc). It breaks the work into more manageable chunks and that way you're not wasting your weekends doing chores.

Kathleen said...

Take the pressure off yourself Rach. I tried to do the same thing when we first got married, but realized Chris would rather have a dirty house & leftovers than a stressed out wife. Matt loves you regardless if you have a meal on the table each night. Start out small. I agree with Rachel about keeping things simple. You'll end up spending more money if you are buying all sorts of ingredients. Believe me, I did that when we first got married. You'll soon learn which meals may last you a couple nights and having things that you can pull out of the freezer is key.

Rachael L. Anderson said...

thanks guys. i'm def. not doing a home cooked meal every night, just trying to do it 3-4 times a week. thanks for the suggestions!