greater respect for working and stay-at-home moms

Since we got married, I have been trying hard to establish a routine in some of the "wifey, domestic" tasks that I have now been given. I had to say that is is very hard!

I don't even have kids, or a dog (which are so close to kids anyway) and I have a hard time trying to fit everything in a day. I want to cook more to save our family money, and hopfeully eat better, and want to work out to stay in shape, clean the house so my mind isn't cluttered, and also hang out with/help out my parents. And there's the little thing called a social life (Bachelor/Pretty Little Liar viewing parties, drinks out with the girls, church small group). If I have to go to the grocery store to get something for the meal I'm cooking that night, you might as well forget about it. I absolutely hate the grocery store because I can never find anything and there are people everywhere! You can't even stop for five seconds to check your list for the next item when you get the awkward "um, excuse me ma'am?" Ugh, just go around me!" I come home all stressed out and grumpy and def. not in the mood to cook. All I want to do is relax and not be walking around a store like a mouse in an elementary school science fair looking for the cheese at the end of the maze. You know the cool kids who did that, and had the multi-colored tubes and were always the hit of the class.

I usually leave work at 5, which is early for a 40 hour a week job. I can't imagine if I worked until 6 or later, like so many women do. I really wouldn't the have time for this stuff. 

So basically, I have a greater respect for women who are doing all of these things AND who have kids. Kudos to you all.

How do you handle all of this? Is there a way to stay organized that works in your family? Is it just a day by day struggle?


trendy tuesday-11.29

I love this color pallet. My house is turquoise and yellow, but I love the turquoise and coral or orange look.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


music monday-11.21 British cuties

I know this is old "YouTube" news by now, but I love Sophia Grace (8) and Rosie (5)! The little British girls who sing Nicki Manaj are so cute, and I can just eat them up with their accents! I love this interview on Ellen, and then their performance of Super Bass. They have such attitudes!


funny fridays-11.18

MOM: What does hmu mean? My guess is hug my underwear. Dad says help many unicorns.

  • ME: Why don’t you ever text me?
  • MOM: How are you? Are you stylish today?

  • DAD: Important question
  • ME: Yes?
  • DAD: Is winnie the pooh a girl? or a boy? i’ve been researching at work all morning
  • ME: He’s a boy
  • DAD: Then what is winnie short for? Isn’t that a girls name?
  • ME: Winston
  • DAD: No, that’s not it


new web domain

Now that I have a new name (yah!), I changed my domain to rachaellambanderson.com. Please change any links on your pages. Thanks!


trendy tuesday-11.15 new boots!

I just got these lovely Michael Kors over-the-knee boots. Even better is they were originally $200 and I got them for $60. Nice!


music monday-11.14 runner-up first dance song

Matt and I love this song by Mat Kearney, Hey Mama. It was at some point going to be our first dance song, but then we changed it to Dirty Rain by Ryan Adams. This song is so catchy! Enjoy!


funny fridays-11.11

  • MOM: pls. call.
  • MOM: Anyone…. Bueller? Bueller?………

  • DAD: I am sitting with your mother at a burger king, she got a kids meal because it came with a kaliediscope.
  • DAD: Mom made me stop at the Outlet Mall. We will never get home. Call and report the credit card has been stolen.

  • GRANDMA: So, so sorry to hear about your bike. I hope the jerk that stole the bike falls off the bike and their face hits a pile of dog S–T. Hopefully a big dog pile like a saint bernard or a grate dane. Almost wish you had cows in the area…that would be a good one. If it any consolation Grandpa fixed up my bike and hopefully you can get some use out of it. It’s red with a nice comfortable seat (has to be to fit my big ass) oops! that was not my voice. You will have to check it out.

Happy 11-11-11!!


wedding singer

I want to mention our fabulous wedding ceremony singer, Anna Kate Walker.

Matt and I had been trying to figure out what to do about our wedding singer. Anna Kate occasionally leads worship for our church, Stonebridge. We had been discussing it on Saturday, and then Anna Kate played guitar and sang at church the next day. We knew it was a sign. She didn't act weirded out at all when we went up to her, introduced ourselves, and asked her to play in our wedding!

She did an amazing job! I highly recommend her services...she also is in a wedding band called The Retreat and does wedding photography. You can email her company, Away We Go at akwalker3342 (at) gmail.com for booking questions.


halloween candy and hookers

I love this video so much! My friend sent it to me and said she thinks I would've acted like this when I was little. You see, I wasn't really allowed to have much candy growing up. So when Halloween came, I knew the trick was to eat it as I was trick or treating, because my mom would tend to hide our candy when we got home. Good thing she wasn't great at hiding (or maybe I am just excellent at seeking :-) -- because I would usually find it a couple days later.

Halloween was one of my favorites to me, because candy was such a prized possession. I also loved being creative with my costumes. My parents didn't buy me the store bought costumes (I didn't ask for them either) so I would make my own every year. I wish more kids did that. Actually, if we are wishing things, I wish people wouldn't use Halloween as a justification to dress like a hooker because "it's a dress up holiday." You're really telling me those little wings on your back make you look more like an angel than an aspiring lingerie model? Ugh.

I'm trying to think back to some of my costumes..here we go:
3rd grade: Snow White
4th grade: mirror (I just literally wrapped myself in aluminum foil, I even had a ski hat covered in it too)
5th grade: red car I made out of cardboard, wire hangers, spray paint and a UGA megaphone (for the wheel of course)
6th grade: a klutz (I wore bandages and casts, and I had crutches that my mom stole from the hospital so me and my sister could play with them)
7th grade: hippie
8th grade: can't remember, will get back to you
9th grade: thought I was too cool to still trick or treat, went to a house party instead
10th grade: realized I had been dumb the year before for forgoing free candy, but still too cool to dress up :-(

This year Matt and I went as the Snuggie Infomercial couple.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Did you make your own or wear store bought ones?


wedding cake

I want to give a shout out to my amazingly talented friend Katie Pfister who designed and baked my wedding cake! She was extremely easy to work with and very reasonably priced. I have gotten so many reviews from my guests about how good the cake was! Her company is called Sweet Peeps. If you are in the Atlanta area and planning a wedding, you can email her at kathryn.wharton (at) gmail.com for more information on her cakes and other desserts.

Here are some of her cakes for weddings and showers:

My wedding cake:


DIY wedding decor

Hi Everyone!

It's so good to be back and start living a "real" life since the honeymoon. The wedding was such a whirlwind, but it was so much fun. One of my favorite things is when all my friends are together, and that's how it was (minus my old roommate Kate, who sadly had to work that weekend:-( ).

I am so grateful I have parents who wanted to host this special day for me. It was amazing; everything from the weather to the ceremony to the decorations to the honeymoon. I want to thank everyone who helped out so much (it was much needed if you remember).

I want to give a more detailed account of the whole weekend, but this post I want to dedicate to my wedding planner/friend Danielle Pfleger. She was amazing! She handled everything so well and was super organized. She has a knack for all things decorations, and saved me so much money by providing decor she already had. The things she did buy were always on sale too. She was a lifesaver, and this wedding couldn't of happened without her! If you are in the Atlanta area, and are planning an event (wedding, engagement party, wedding/baby shower), you should definitely hit her up, because she did an amazing job! Her website is here or you can email her at danielle.emma.pfleger (at) gmail.com.

Here are some photos of the reception decorations with Danielle's captions:

mason jars with twine hang from hooks along the aisle filled with spray roses and greens

pre-ceremony shot as set-up was going on . band getting ready . riverside . hanging lanterns from rope

split pea fills mason jars ties with twine to hold homemade food labels glued to twigs ... these were for the 3 homemade bbq sauce choices

white roses and sunflowers in mason jars, sterling lantern, burlap runner, logs & candles

split peas in cylinder vase with trees, hanging moss & candles in mason jars

cake table . "eat cake" burlap homemade banner . tealight iron candles . homemade cake stand from mason jars . fresh flower cake topper

homemade cross with spray roses & moss:

white rose mason jar arrangement, sterling lantern, burlap runner, logs

white cloths, burlap runner, logs, mason jars, candles & sunflowers

gift table welcomes guests . a simple arrangement . homamade 'oh happy day' banner . lantern to drop cards in . chicken wire basket lined with linen holds the programs

riverside wood tables with lanterns & mason jar arrangement

riverside highboys surrund the hay barn . music & dancing with mountain views . logs & mason jar candles . natural arrangement


i'm back!

Just a few wedding pics, will post more later. Hope everyone had a great couple weeks!

Updates to follow...