next blog post i will be a mrs.

Well folks...

Off to my wedding this weekend! Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Helen, Ga, where the wedding festivities will be. I'm so excited to visit with everyone and finally see this enormous 4.5 month-long project to completion! Ahh it will be so good to just relax afterwards, and not be thinking all the wedding planning I have to get done.

Even though Matt doesn't like how his sideburns curve into his face, this is one of my favorite pics of us:

My first trip up to Matt's parent's barn (where we are getting married). It's so weird to think that the same spot where Matt took this picture two years ago is where we will be getting married:

The Hay Shed, where we will dance by the river:

Does anyone have any advice for me for this weekend? It would be much appreciated. I just really want to enjoy it!


Unknown said...

breathe! and breathe again! its going to be crazy but just remember to take the time to embrace it all! take a million mental pictures for yourself! don't stress if you see something wrong, I promise you'll be the only one that notices :) and most importantly: have SO much fun! congrats on your big day!!!

Meaghan said...

So excited for you Rach!! Dittos to the comment above. Most importantly forget about being a host and have a blast!

Many blessings to you and Matt! :)

Shelly Kale said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Matt's sideburns. HAHAHAHA Gosh I miss you guys.

Enjoy the weekend and time with family. Make sure YOU get to eat some food and cake and not just your guests. :)