funny fridays-10.14

  • MOM: Dad made an eBay snafu. Call me.
  • ME: what happened?
  • MOM: He didn’t know you needed decimal points. I do not want a $2500 pair of binoculars.
  • AUNT: Believe it or not, I had my FIRST bearded kiss last night!!!! It was quite fuzzy, kinda weird actually. I felt like I was kissing someone’s head. You should try it.
  • AUNT: It was kinda like kissing a chia pet, not that I’ve ever done that :-)’
  • AUNT: The bearded kiss last night was awkward, like kissing a fur coat… Soft and fuzzy, not coarse. Like kissing a small animal. LOL
  • AUNT: Like kissing a sugarbaby. Ha! I’m having fun with these analogies.

  • MOM: I found you a red velvet sleeveless top good for holidays v-neck.
  • ME: Mom. Are you serious?
  • MOM: Yes

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