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Tonight is my first small group meeting. Among my Christian friends, this is probably a surprise. Matt has been in about three groups, so he is the more "experienced" one in this realm. I am very excited about getting more plugged into our church, and I have heard this is the best way to it. I was kind-of nervous when I found out it was nine couples, so 18 people hearing about the details of my life (or as much as I want to share, I guess). However, I think what marriage counseling has brought out in me is an ability to be completely honest about something. Hopefully, I will carry that into the small group and not feel intimidated or worried about what people will think. Have any of you done small groups? Was it a good, bad, or so-so experience?

Funny video they showed at church about "shallow" small groups:

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Sara Pyles said...

Love Small Groups!!! We are taking a break from small group right now...with the transition to Macon we just haven't gotten back into it. Be open and honest. Be vulnerable. The Church is your family and wants to love from you. The more you pour into it, the more you get out of it! I love you and am so excited for Matt and you to be plugged into a group that can love on you and show you what the body of Christ looks like! Love you Rachie!