Guest Post by Matt

This is a guest post by Matt. Rachael let me borrow her laptop while I get moved in and get my internet set-up; because she is the best. Because of this favor, she will not be able to do her favorite post, Music Monday. Side note, she is pretty amazing even when I am a jerk face. I am a very lucky man, for the record, and can't wait to see her every day.

Ok, so follow this, my post reads like an SAT question:

Rachael really likes this song. She sings the songs that she likes. I like it when she sings. Therefore, Matt likes:

A) to turn up the radio when she starts singing
B) to sing over her
C) this song

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Sara Pyles said...

C - you like this song....Althought, A is tempting because I could see you turning the radio on as a joke, same with B.

I miss hearing her sing in 459. Well, there were days where I didn't enjoy it so much, but now I miss it and wish I could see her everyday:)