On the Bert Show (radio station I listen to every morning), they talked about a group of modern day heroes. They rescued a boy who had crashed his bike and was underneath a burning car. You can check out the video. Insane! I also put up links to other acts of heroism. I would like to think if I was a witness of a situation that called for outside help, I would step up to the plate. However, there was a psychological study done called the Bystander Effect that says that you are less likely to help someone in danger when you are alone. The saddest portrayal of this study is in the case of the murder of Kitty Genevese. I heard about this story in Sociology 101 and it gave my nightmares for awhile. Have any of you been in a situation that called you to help a total stranger?

EMBED-Manager Saves Kid Falling Off Escalator - Watch more free videos

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