funny fridays-9.23

Portable Computer Fail:

  • ME: Mom you can just go to the app store and get the app for you iPad
  • MOM: It’s too late here
  • ME: What do you mean?
  • MOM: It’s 9pm
  • ME: and…
  • MOM: It’s 9pm SOO I will have to wait until the morning to go to the apple store!!

  • MOM: meet in your room
  • (5 minutes later)
  • MOM: never mind we will meet you at the promenade
  • (5 minutes later)
  • MOM: would it be ok to meet in your room?
  • (5 minutes later)
  • MOM: never mind once again in the promenade
  • ME: haha your killing me
  • MOM: dad vs mom

  • ME: The Office is on tonight!!!!!
  • MOM: Do do dododododo
  • ME: What??
  • MOM: The theme song

  • DAD: What one-word communication did Steve Jobs give when resigning as CEO of Apple?
  • ME: ?
  • DAD: iQuit

  • DAD: you have to come home now its an emergency! no time to explain just get home now!
  • ME: What? is everything ok?
  • (10 minutes later)
  • ME: Ok dad im on the train home whats wrong???
  • DAD: remember that turtle that was laying eggs in the yard?
  • ME: What? no?
  • DAD: the eggs are hatching!
  • ME: OMG dad are you serious? what are you talking about? you made me leave in the middle of some importaint shit.
  • DAD: baby turtles!

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