funny fridays-9.30

  • MOM: when you get home from class you need to separate you and your sisters underwear from the clean laundry pile. I can’t figure out whose dental floss belongs to who.
  • MOM: I have book club tonight, I don’t need them seeing your stringy underwear.
  • MOM: love you.
  • epic fail photos - Too Sexy For This Runway FAIL
  • ME: Hey dad
  • DAD: tyfcmt
  • ME: Was that a word??
  • DAD: i shortened it
  • ME: From what??
  • DAD: thank you for calling me today. thought it would be easier shorter.
  • ME: Weirdest part’s that I had a feeling that’s what you meant.
Have a great weekend!!


stuck in a rut

I am kind of in a funk right now. Funny thing is, I should be the happiest ever right now. I mean I am getting married in three weeks!

But I am having issues. I'm going to call it the "grass is always greener" syndrome mixed with feeling trapped.

Maybe it's looking at pinterest.com where you see all these super creative people doing awesome DIY projects (I don't have much patience for a lot of those), or super cute outfits that you don't have, or super cool places that you have never been to. I want so badly to travel. I see my friends moving to really cool cities, and I have only lived in two cities, one state away from each other. But traveling would mean leaving my fiance, which would make me sad. Is it too much to ask of our companies to allow us to leave for a year, travel the globe, and come back and keep our same jobs?

I am also in a career rut. I'm not really sure what I would want to do, or if I even want to work for money. Stay at home mom is out of the question for at least four more years, and who knows if I would even want to do that once we have kids, if we have them.

I look at job descriptions and nothing sounds exciting to me. I just sort of think, "well I could do that, I have the experience for that," but nothing appeals to me. Right now I work at a great company with great people, so I am trying to be content with that. But sometimes, deep down in my heart, I wonder (in the words of Jennifer Nettles), "there's gotta be something more."

How do y'all feel? Have you ever been in a funk? Were you able to pull yourself out of a funk? How did you do it?

trendy tuesday-9.27

Dresses that I'm liking right now:


funny fridays-9.23

Portable Computer Fail:

  • ME: Mom you can just go to the app store and get the app for you iPad
  • MOM: It’s too late here
  • ME: What do you mean?
  • MOM: It’s 9pm
  • ME: and…
  • MOM: It’s 9pm SOO I will have to wait until the morning to go to the apple store!!

  • MOM: meet in your room
  • (5 minutes later)
  • MOM: never mind we will meet you at the promenade
  • (5 minutes later)
  • MOM: would it be ok to meet in your room?
  • (5 minutes later)
  • MOM: never mind once again in the promenade
  • ME: haha your killing me
  • MOM: dad vs mom

  • ME: The Office is on tonight!!!!!
  • MOM: Do do dododododo
  • ME: What??
  • MOM: The theme song

  • DAD: What one-word communication did Steve Jobs give when resigning as CEO of Apple?
  • ME: ?
  • DAD: iQuit

  • DAD: you have to come home now its an emergency! no time to explain just get home now!
  • ME: What? is everything ok?
  • (10 minutes later)
  • ME: Ok dad im on the train home whats wrong???
  • DAD: remember that turtle that was laying eggs in the yard?
  • ME: What? no?
  • DAD: the eggs are hatching!
  • ME: OMG dad are you serious? what are you talking about? you made me leave in the middle of some importaint shit.
  • DAD: baby turtles!


capital punishment

Today the big story in Atlanta is the execution of Troy Davis, who was accused of shooting and killing an Atlanta cop in 1989. Davis has claimed his innocence and has been on death row for 14 years. His supports say that justice was not carried out, as there was no direct evidence linking Davis to the crime. Seven of the nine witnesses who claimed they saw him shoot the cop have since recanted their stories.

I'm honestly not sure what I feel about capital punishment. If you look at if from an economic stand point, it is more costly to execute someone than have them serving a life sentence, even if they are young when convicted. This is due to all the court hearings and appeals that have to take place to eventually give someone lethal injection. From a Biblical standpoint, God says Thou Shall Not Kill. Pretty simple. However, some argue that families of the victims agree that it does give some type (not all) closure when the perpetrator is executed.

Some people believe that those convicted of either life sentence or death row would rather die than sit in a prison cell until they die naturally, but I have heard that changes when it gets closer to the date of execution.

There is also the point of possibly executing an innocent person (such as perhaps Troy Davis). Life of David Gale anyone?

I'm not sue what I believe. Many mass murderers have mental disorders (mainly psychopathy), so is it really fair to kill them for their brain defects? You can judge me all you want, but I think if I'm being honest with myself, if someone murdered a close friend or family member (psychopath or not), I would want to see the death penalty for that person.

What are your thoughts?

PS: Sorry for the super depressing topic today.


trendy tuesday-9.20, emmy dresses

I hope everyone liked Matt's guest post yesterday.

Here are my favorite dresses from the Emmys. I guess I am into red right now?

And the award for my favorite dress goes to....

Least fav dress:


Guest Post by Matt

This is a guest post by Matt. Rachael let me borrow her laptop while I get moved in and get my internet set-up; because she is the best. Because of this favor, she will not be able to do her favorite post, Music Monday. Side note, she is pretty amazing even when I am a jerk face. I am a very lucky man, for the record, and can't wait to see her every day.

Ok, so follow this, my post reads like an SAT question:

Rachael really likes this song. She sings the songs that she likes. I like it when she sings. Therefore, Matt likes:

A) to turn up the radio when she starts singing
B) to sing over her
C) this song


funny fridays-9.16

  • GRANDPA: UNO. Your pictures are so pretty and you are so thin. i hoe we can see you soon I love you so much poop.
  • GRANDPA: Pop not poop

  • ME: Dad, I had a dream last night that you got a German Shepherd
  • DAD: a German person that tends sheep, or a dog?