funny fridays-8.5

MOM: True dat. I’m gonna email you the NYTimes article I’m reading now. NYT has now limited me to 5 views a month, but I can cheat from one of many blog links. Hey! Dis I tell you Beth got me on twitter during our visit. I freaked out when I got 2 followers, but Beth said that is okay. I’ve never posted anything. I just follow Steve Martin and some lady named Kelly that Beth likes.

  • MOM: I just gave some random dude 15 bucks to stop making eyecontact with me
  • ME: I’ll stop making eye contact with you for 15$…
  • MOM: But you don’t have the crazy eyes
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MOM: Did you know your self-satisfied phone corrects iphone to iPhone? Smug little shit that it is.

MOM: Did u hear from doctor? Keep me posted. Jesse james will never find a soulmate until he finds himself

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