funny fridays-8.19

  • MOM: There is a war
  • (1 hour later)
  • MOM: Ning
  • MOM: There is a warning for a really bad thunderstom
  • ME: I am going to Madi’s house.
  • MOM: please don’t watch jersey shore, we will talk about your rights to watch that show later
  • ME: really mom? You think I will start acting like them?
  • (2 minutes later)
  • DAD: Kelly, moral decay is insidious
  • DAD: Who does these 2 songs: 1) Do do do do doot do do do 2) String around my finger…linger Love the songs. Female singer. Who?
MOM: How do I rewind the DVD so I can bring it back to Blockbuster without getting a fee?

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