couples shower and bach weekend

Hey guys!

This past weekend we had a couple's shower for me and Matt, and then the linergie/bachelorette party on Saturday night. The couple's shower was hosted by my college friends, Sara Pyles (you can read her blog here), Laura Durchsprung, Katie McDaniel, and Sarah Jean Collins (you can read her blog here). It was so much fun, and a lot of people could make it, which was awesome. It was fun to catch up with everyone. Thanks to my sister and her husband for opening up their house for us, and thank you to the hosts!

On Saturday, my friends who were in town the whole weekend all went to the pool for a luau. My friend/roomate Kate Suess along with my sisters were the hosts, and they went ALL OUT for this shindig. Hats, glowsticks, confetti, you name it, Kate had it. We played a fun game and had the lingerie shower, then went to eat at Front Page News followed by The Ivy for dancing. People in our group even got into a dance-off with other Ivy attendants. It was so much fun! So good to be with my group again.

College friends:

On my sister's awesome front porch:

Before the Bach party:
John Rocker was there. So Random.




Kathleen said...

such a fun weekend celebrating you & Matt! Makes me happy that you have such wonderful friends in your life.

Sara Pyles said...

So sad I missed the Bach party....loved hosting the shower though!