big news

Today I have two things that are big news!

1. Matt and I have signed a lease with the Session St. lofts in Marietta for one year. I am so excited to have a two bedroom for a bit more space, and to be able to walk to the downtown square will be fabulous. We can also walk to the dog park, so maybe that is a reason to get a dog?? In case you missed my post with photos of the inside, you can find that here. It is so nice to FINALLY know where we will be when we get married!! Hopefully after a year (or before) we will find a home to buy, probably in Marietta.

2. My sister is going to have one of these:
She is due February 9th, so if the baby comes three days early, we will be bday twins! She and her husband are not finding out the sex before the birth, something that I wish more people would do! (And what I will do if I have kids).

Hope everyone is having a great hump day! Do any of you have big news to share?

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