ABCs of Me

I totally copied this from a blog I follow, but here are the ABCs of me:

A. age: 25

B. bed size: double

C. chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom

D. dogs: none, but hopefully two in the future (Pip and Fidget)

E. essential start to your day: music

F. favorite color: periwinkle

G. gold or silver: it depends

H. height: 5'9"

I. instruments you play: piano, guitar (kinda)

J. job title: Administrative Assistant

K. kids: not for at least four more years if I have any control

L. live in: ATL

M. maiden name: Lamb

N. nickname: Reg, Regie, Rach, Bees, Beezer, Beasley, Beatrice, Old Man, Rachie Pachie

O. overnight hospital stays: none

P. pet peeve: cockiness

Q. quote: look at the top of my blog

R. righty or left: right on everything except cartwheels (random I know)

S. siblings: two older sisters

T. time you wake up: 8:15 M-F, 9:30 on weekends

U. university attended: Samford

V. vegetables you dislike: beets, onions, peppers

W. what makes you run late: my fiance

X. x-rays you've had: toe

Y. yummy food: cheese dip, Cheeze Its, hummus, frozen yogurt, breadsticks, pizza, candy

Z. zoo animals: chimps

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