big news

Today I have two things that are big news!

1. Matt and I have signed a lease with the Session St. lofts in Marietta for one year. I am so excited to have a two bedroom for a bit more space, and to be able to walk to the downtown square will be fabulous. We can also walk to the dog park, so maybe that is a reason to get a dog?? In case you missed my post with photos of the inside, you can find that here. It is so nice to FINALLY know where we will be when we get married!! Hopefully after a year (or before) we will find a home to buy, probably in Marietta.

2. My sister is going to have one of these:
She is due February 9th, so if the baby comes three days early, we will be bday twins! She and her husband are not finding out the sex before the birth, something that I wish more people would do! (And what I will do if I have kids).

Hope everyone is having a great hump day! Do any of you have big news to share?


music monday-8.29

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, but never gave her a thought really. Then I heard her talking on the radio in an interview, and thought she seemed really cool. So I looked up her music and thought that was cool too! Enjoy! :-)


funny fridays-8.26, sleepless in seattle

DAD: In the event of aftershocks, stop, drop and roll. Place your head between your knees and never lose eye contactDAD: In the event of aftershocks, stop, drop and roll. Place your head between your knees and never lose eye contact with the bear. You’re welcome.
with the bear. You’re welcome.

MOM: All my jiggly parts felt the earthquake.

  • MOM: Is she feeling homesick at all?
  • ME: No lol
  • MOM: Her fam is probably not as cool as us…lol. Make sure u delete this.
  • Sleepless in Seattle re-cut as a horror movie:
  • ME: I just saw Al Pacino in Times Square!!!
  • MOM: What’s an Al Pacino?


me and matt's video

This is a video I made Matt for his 28th birthday in 2010. I accidently deleted the video files that were in the movie, so I only have the thumbnails left. That explains the blurriness. Enjoy!


bach party video

An awesome video my friend/wedding planner guru Danielle made of the last weekend!


funny fridays-8.19

  • MOM: There is a war
  • (1 hour later)
  • MOM: Ning
  • MOM: There is a warning for a really bad thunderstom
  • ME: I am going to Madi’s house.
  • MOM: please don’t watch jersey shore, we will talk about your rights to watch that show later
  • ME: really mom? You think I will start acting like them?
  • (2 minutes later)
  • DAD: Kelly, moral decay is insidious
  • DAD: Who does these 2 songs: 1) Do do do do doot do do do 2) String around my finger…linger Love the songs. Female singer. Who?
MOM: How do I rewind the DVD so I can bring it back to Blockbuster without getting a fee?


ABCs of Me

I totally copied this from a blog I follow, but here are the ABCs of me:

A. age: 25

B. bed size: double

C. chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom

D. dogs: none, but hopefully two in the future (Pip and Fidget)

E. essential start to your day: music

F. favorite color: periwinkle

G. gold or silver: it depends

H. height: 5'9"

I. instruments you play: piano, guitar (kinda)

J. job title: Administrative Assistant

K. kids: not for at least four more years if I have any control

L. live in: ATL

M. maiden name: Lamb

N. nickname: Reg, Regie, Rach, Bees, Beezer, Beasley, Beatrice, Old Man, Rachie Pachie

O. overnight hospital stays: none

P. pet peeve: cockiness

Q. quote: look at the top of my blog

R. righty or left: right on everything except cartwheels (random I know)

S. siblings: two older sisters

T. time you wake up: 8:15 M-F, 9:30 on weekends

U. university attended: Samford

V. vegetables you dislike: beets, onions, peppers

W. what makes you run late: my fiance

X. x-rays you've had: toe

Y. yummy food: cheese dip, Cheeze Its, hummus, frozen yogurt, breadsticks, pizza, candy

Z. zoo animals: chimps


couples shower and bach weekend

Hey guys!

This past weekend we had a couple's shower for me and Matt, and then the linergie/bachelorette party on Saturday night. The couple's shower was hosted by my college friends, Sara Pyles (you can read her blog here), Laura Durchsprung, Katie McDaniel, and Sarah Jean Collins (you can read her blog here). It was so much fun, and a lot of people could make it, which was awesome. It was fun to catch up with everyone. Thanks to my sister and her husband for opening up their house for us, and thank you to the hosts!

On Saturday, my friends who were in town the whole weekend all went to the pool for a luau. My friend/roomate Kate Suess along with my sisters were the hosts, and they went ALL OUT for this shindig. Hats, glowsticks, confetti, you name it, Kate had it. We played a fun game and had the lingerie shower, then went to eat at Front Page News followed by The Ivy for dancing. People in our group even got into a dance-off with other Ivy attendants. It was so much fun! So good to be with my group again.

College friends:

On my sister's awesome front porch:

Before the Bach party:
John Rocker was there. So Random.




music monday-8.15

My friend Katie told me about this cover of Outkast's Hey Ya for Obadiah Parker. Love rap songs into acoustic singer/songwriter sounds.

Shout out to my sister Colleen on her 28th birthday!


funny fridays-8.12

  • DAD: just got back from e.r. Smashed my finger, lots of stiches.
  • ME: ouch! How did you do that?
  • DAD: hammer time baby
  • MOM: do spanx come in double-wides for me?

    MOM: I had a dream last night that johnny depp was a teeny tiny guy riding around me on a teeny tiny horse. Like woody and the horse in toy story. So crazy. We were just talking away!


    looking at lofts

    Yesterday Matt and I went to look at the North Session Street lofts in Marietta. We looked at a two bedroom-two bathroom unit that is for rent. This unit is on the first level, but Matt prefers the upstairs units, because they have two levels. He also thought this was a bit small. Not sure how much space we will need. We would def. have to paint (or the landlords would) because one room was a lovely lime green, with a bright purple bathroom, while the other bedroom was Big Bird yellow, with a red and gold sponge paint int he bathroom. Not pretty. They don't have photos of the bedroom online. Let me know what you think!


    update on the Stark family

    If you read this post, you know about the Stark family, who adopted six special needs children. The mom/wife, Cheryl, recently died from a stroke. The Bert Show, on the radio station Q100, started a campaign to raise money for this deserving family.

    Over $230,000 was raised!! Amazing!

    You can listen to the family's reaction here or see the video on CNN here:

    Just when you have given up on humanity, something like this happens and it is restored! (at least temporarily). Thanks to everyone who donated!


    trendy tuesday-8.9

    I have been searching for places to live. We will probably end up in Marietta, renting for a year or so, then hopefully buying an awesome short sale or foreclosed house in the same area. Because of this, I have been itching to "nest" and these next photos are proof of that (Thank you Pinterest!).


    music monday-8.8

    If you are in the mood for some electronica...someone just told me about this new bank, Cut Copy.


    funny fridays-8.5

    MOM: True dat. I’m gonna email you the NYTimes article I’m reading now. NYT has now limited me to 5 views a month, but I can cheat from one of many blog links. Hey! Dis I tell you Beth got me on twitter during our visit. I freaked out when I got 2 followers, but Beth said that is okay. I’ve never posted anything. I just follow Steve Martin and some lady named Kelly that Beth likes.

    • MOM: I just gave some random dude 15 bucks to stop making eyecontact with me
    • ME: I’ll stop making eye contact with you for 15$…
    • MOM: But you don’t have the crazy eyes
    • epic fail photos - Slip 'N FAIL gif
      see more funny videos, and check out our Yo Dawg lols!
    MOM: Did you know your self-satisfied phone corrects iphone to iPhone? Smug little shit that it is.

    MOM: Did u hear from doctor? Keep me posted. Jesse james will never find a soulmate until he finds himself