why you should read harry potter

I went to see Harry Potter the day it came out. It is an understatement to say I am a huge fan. For those that do not read the books and only see the movies, or those that don't care to get into either, this post is for you.

Growing up, I was very, very bored with books. I hated reading for class, summer reading, literary guild, etc. I was such an outdoorsy kid that sitting by myself reading just didn't appeal to me. Not when I could hang out with my neighbors, the three Schwartz boys, and build forts, spy on adults or play baseball in the yard. I somehow managed to get through high school with a 3.8 GPA having read probably about 3 books total. Same with college, fairly good GPA and never read for class. I just don't enjoy books that I am forced to read. And because of the scar (no pun intended) left by the mandatory books, I didn't want to read for fun, either.

This all changed when I first read Harry Potter.

It was the summer before freshman year of college when my sister lent me the book to read. (She's not much of a reader, and that never changed for her). I loved it! The storyline was incredible, and JK Rowling has the most vivid imagination and creates such a intense depth among the characters. I had never gotten into a book like this, reading for hours on end, getting sad turning each page that I was closer to the end.

I credit Rowling and her writing for getting me back into reading. I read all the time now. I love it as a true escape from the world. For the past few years, I have been reading a lot of Christian, non-fiction books. These books (although cheesy at times) can be helpful in keeping a good life perspective, but they haven't taught me as much as Harry Potter has. Sounds lame, I know. It's not like Rowling is even like a Tolkien or Lewis, but the Christian theme is so obvious to me. I'm not scared to say that I have learned more Christian values in a book about witches and wizards than any book you would find at Lifeway.

So before you throw off the idea of getting into a late game of Harry Potter, you need to reconsider. And if you need company to watch the movies after you finish the books, give me a hollar.


Kate at Dream To Life said...

I love this post! I too am a huge Harry Potter fan :>)

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Aww thanks so much! :-)

carolineb said...

Myth is important. It gives us a view of the truth that is not veiled in familiarity. I am going to dive in, thanks to you :)