funny fridays-7.8

  • MOM: Wow did u kno that if u add the year u were born 2 the age u turned this year, u get 2011 no matter wat! and everyones is the same number! wow
  • ME: Yes…because that many years have passed since you were born, mother.
  • MOM: dont get it.

  • DAD: If u evr gt the chance 2 meet justin beaver, tll him to stay away frm u. i dnt want him touching u.
  • DAD: ur mom jst taught me how 2 txt. it took me 17 mins 2 rite tht.
  • DAD: luv u babycakes
  • DAD: i m proud of u
MOM: What is the beyonce song that goes “oh oh oh oh?”

Everyone enjoy the weekend!!

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