funny fridays-7.22

  • MOM: I can’t find the pretzels…never mind I found them.
  • ME: I feel like that had no point…
  • MOM: I don’t know how to cancel a text once I’ve started it.
  • ME: Mom, can i get grandma’s phone number?
  • MOM:
  • ME: That was blank
  • MOM: k.onesec
  • MOM:
  • ME: I’ll just call you…
  • ME: Ma, Amanda had her baby!
  • MOM: she did? how do you know?
  • ME: She posted it online.
  • MOM: Whats online?
  • ME: Ma! really? online is that crazy thing some of us call the internet that holds things like facebook and whenparentstext.com
MOM: what do u think kate middleton is doing right now

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