I have been so very stressed out with this wedding planning, and all of people's emotions going into it. I feel the need to please everyone around me. Is it just me, or is the only way to have a stress free wedding to go to the courthouse? I realize the wedding weekend is not the most important thing, but how do I use that mentality to actually enjoy it? I know that is isn't what God intended for me, to get bogged down in something that doesn't matter. But at the same time, stuff has to get done right? Honestly I just wish I could cancel all our plans and go to the courthouse and worry about hosting a party later. Any advice on how to keep my (and my mom's) sanity would be greatly welcomed and appreciated at this point.


Meaghan said...

best advice i can give is to remember its nobody else's day but yours. if you aren't having fun no one around you will be. i know how hard it can be but try and plan with just matt and your mom. everyone else should enjoy being a guest. but learn how to delegate. if someone offers you help take it. in the end enjoy the process and stay away from the negative nancys. let me know if i can ever help!

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Thanks Meaghan! I have been learning that even delegating small tasks is really important. We have hired a family friend to help with details and logistics, so that should hopefully make things better. Thanks!

Rach said...

Don't just go to the courthouse. It doess eliminate the stress, but you don't want that as your memory of such a special moment in your life. I agree, just make sure the day is what you and Matt want. It is one big celebration for the two of you. :)