So I have been working on our wedding registry. I think we are going to do Bed Bath and Beyond, Utmost Interiors (for our Vietri) and Macy's (maybe). Are there any things you wished you had registered for, but forgot to? Or registered for but didn't end up using? I am not much of a cooker (but I am going to get better!) so there are a lot of kitchen supplies I am not sure if I need. Any advice would be appreciated!


Kristina Clemens said...

I also registered at Target...which is where most of my gifts came from...maybe because it's more accessible than Bed, Bath and Beyond? I'm not sure why. Congrats! =)
Kristina J.

Rachael L. Anderson said...

I know Bed Bath and Beyond has a great return policy, but I will see what Target's is. Thanks!