I have been thinking a lot lately about the act of forgiving your enemies. It can be so so hard. It is something I am struggling with right now, and it wears me out. I hear other people say that they just all of a sudden can forgive someone for what they did, in an instant. After this, they didn't have that burden anymore, and they felt so much better. That doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment. I know I need to be praying about it more than I do, and for the people who hurt me. When I watched this video below, of Elizabeth Smart saying she has forgiven the couple who abducted her, raped and tortured her for years, and robbed her childhood, I envy her ability to forgive someone so evil. She seems so graceful and mature for such a young age. If she can forgive her enemy, I should by all means be able to forgive mine (especially given the extreme difference in our situation!). I would like to know how you all have dealt with your enemies in the past. I really don't want to feel bitter anymore!

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