For the next week, I will be here...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


funny fridays-5.27


GRANDMA: i bought 4 of these chairs this am. thought they could go with table in kitchen,on porch, or on living room. not meant for people over 200 lbs. keep scale next to them. do u want 2?

MOM: U didn’t wish me happy bday on FB
MOM: :(
ME: I spoke to you for 20 minutes on the phone today…
MOM: :(



I have been thinking a lot lately about the act of forgiving your enemies. It can be so so hard. It is something I am struggling with right now, and it wears me out. I hear other people say that they just all of a sudden can forgive someone for what they did, in an instant. After this, they didn't have that burden anymore, and they felt so much better. That doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment. I know I need to be praying about it more than I do, and for the people who hurt me. When I watched this video below, of Elizabeth Smart saying she has forgiven the couple who abducted her, raped and tortured her for years, and robbed her childhood, I envy her ability to forgive someone so evil. She seems so graceful and mature for such a young age. If she can forgive her enemy, I should by all means be able to forgive mine (especially given the extreme difference in our situation!). I would like to know how you all have dealt with your enemies in the past. I really don't want to feel bitter anymore!


music monday-5.23 and trip to moutains

This past weekend Matt and I went up to his parent's barn in Helen, Ga. On the way back, we stopped in the little mountain town of Blue Ridge to hit up the local shoppes (I have never spelled shoppes this way but I'm going with it). We stepped into a really neat CD store (yes, they still exist). The lady who worked there was so friendly and enthusiastic about the songs she played in her store. We talked to her for about 20 minutes about blues (both she and Matt's favorite genre). He ended up buying an album from blue artist Tab Benoit's, and we listened to it on the way back. It felt good to see someone else passing along good music, as well as support the dying market of records/CDs.


10 Things I learned in my 20s

I found a great blog today, called Sometimes Sweet. A lady in her 30s wrote two posts, on what she wished she knew in her 20s. I thought it was a very interesting and comforting read, which hit on several things I need to work on. There are two posts, here and here. Enjoy!


trendy tuesday-5.17

If anyone wants these posters, let me know! I actually have two copies of each. I have had them in my room for a while now, I love them!


music monday-5.16

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I absolutely love Ray Lamontagne (but who doesn't, really?). This song, Old Before Your Time, is from his newest album.


funny fridays-5.13


MOM: Have you ever looked at a website called www.cheapsally.com ? I read it has lots of good coupons but I’m afraid that ight be a joke and its actually a porno site???

MOM: what does DARE stand for? I think it’s drugs are really expensive but I know that’s not it.

my postsecret for the day

To the person who rolled down their window and asked if I was okay while I was balling my eyes out at the intersection of Paces Ferry/Cumberland...

Thank you!

I love random acts of kindness from total strangers.


cheese to my macaroni

I bought this at a trade show last June. I have no place to put it now, so it sits in my parent's closet. Isn't it fun though? I can't wait to display it eventually.


trendy tuesday-5.10 jumping on the bandwagon

Last night I went to a dinner party with church friends. My new friend Jessie gave me all four Twilight books to borrow while she and her husband go on the World Race. I hopped on the bandwagon of Harry Potter towards the end of high school, and it was incredible! It really got be back into reading. I also am taking the advice of a friend of mine who told me, "you read too many non-fictions, you need to get lost in a fiction book." So that's what I'm doing. I'm curious to see how many of you read Twilight, and if you also like the movies?


funny fridays-5.6

MOM: Your dad just went in the bathroom with a newspaper and the cats followed him in. He said enter at your own risk. It’ll probably be the last time they do that! I hope they make it out alive! TMI?????????
(1 hour later)
MOM: Sorry…went to spin…hope the cats are ok.

MOM: WHoo! dad and I watchving game at bar!!1 free jello shots every time they score. Are you having a fun friday night lovely daughter of mine?
ME: Aparently not as fun as you.
(10 mins later)
MOM: Is it okay if I eat my jello shot with a spoon? I dont want to look un-cool.

MOM: Whats a woot is it one of those new words

Have a wonderful weekend!


cinco de mayo

I will be here tonight...

enjoying this...

with these friends...

Now that's a good Cinco de Mayo!


why does it take so long?

That's what she said. jk. But seriously, why does the doctor take so long??? I understand they give some "cushion" time for late arrivals, but I had to wait an hour to even go into the room, and then wait another 20 minutes until the doctor actually came in! I wish someone who works at a doctor's office could explain this to me....