recap on Costa Rica

Hey y'all!

It's so good to be back in the country. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, especially to Matt and Sara Pyles for being my prayer partners.

Everyone on the team was great, we all got along so well. The place we stayed at, Strong Missions, was located just outside of San Jose. The house had very generous and sweet people, who cooked fabulous meals. During the day we did construction on a playground and for an addition to the Strong Missions house, and then in the afternoon we did a VBS with the kids at a local church.

Starting on Sunday night, I got chills and my whole body was achy. I had to miss my team playing soccer with the locals. Then on Monday, my stomach was hurting so bad, so I kept taking Tylenol, not realizing they were 500 MG, more than what I normally take. I ended up throwing up all night, and had to go get a shot at the pharmacy of anti-nausea medicine. The doctor said that I didn't hurt my liver, so that's good! I had to miss the salsa dancing lessons with the team that night.

The rest of the time was very rewarding. We went to a church service (where they do Conga lines!). We also toured a Catholic shelter for who women who had been raped and impregnated by family members or friends.

The last two nights we went to Cauhita, a Rastafarian city on the Caribbean ocean. I have never slept so close to the ocean before and there were hammocks outdoor every room! We went zip lining and got to play in the huge waves.

It was so much fun and a humbling experience all the same. It was incredible to see how joyous the children at the VBS were, when they have few material possessions. If I have a chance to go back there, I would definitely do it.

My favorite little guy:

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