my most embarrassing moment

You know that moment when a group of friends is talking, and someone pops the question, "What is everyone's most embarrassing moment?"

Honestly, I have quite a few, and I love telling them. There is nothing better than laughing at yourself and the awkwardness of an embarrassing situation. So here goes.

When I was about 13, I played on a club soccer team, the Dracas. My coach was Mexican, so we were the "dragons." Well one game, a (rather large) girl ran full force into me. She didn't even see me there. And if you didn't know me then, I was a tall and gangly string bean. Needless to say, I toppled over quickly and did not get up. I had the wind knocked out of me, and just laid on the ground while someone kicked the ball out of bounds. I remember my coach coming up to me, and saying "we have to get you breathing again, I'm going to help expand your lungs." So he begins to straddle me, by putting one leg on each side of my hip. He then grabs my hips with both his hands and starts pulling my waist to his, up and down, up and down. Meanwhile, my mom runs onto the field (parents aren't supposed to do that) and is freaking out. Apparently this was a trick he had learned somewhere to increase air flow. Since I was not able to breathe, I could not tell him to stop doing it! It probably lasted about two minutes, and it was dreadful.

Later when I had recovered and was on the sidelines, my teammates told me it looked like our pony-tailed coach was humping me on the field. As if your middle school years aren't awkward enough.


Maggie Pyles said...

Love this story!

Kathleen said...

hilar! wish I could have seen that game.