music monday-4.25 easter and matt's bday

Hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend. It was Matt's 29th (one more 'til the big 3-0!) birthday Saturday, so we spent the day hanging out in Decatur. It was so relaxing to be able to do whatever we wanted. We ate at Taquieria del Sol, shopped some, and got a drink at Brick Store Pub. If you haven't been there, you need to go! It was just rated in the top5 bars in the country by Esquire magazine! We found this funky store called Heliotrope and saw this welcome mat. We obvi had to buy it!

Matt and his new mat

Taqueria del Sol

Brick Store Pub

For dinner we went to Carol Street Cafe in Cabbagetown, where we went on our first date. We met up with my sister and her hubby, and my roommate Kate. Then the five of us met up with my other sister Collen and her boyfriend Ian at this new bar in VA Highlands called The Family Dog. It was a very fun-filled ATL weekend.

Carroll Street Cafe

The Family Dog
The Easter service at my church was awesome on Sunday. I feel so much more connected to Stonebride after coming back from my mission trip. After church we ate lunch at my parent's house then dinner with Matt's family.

I absolutely love this song. It was sung at my friend Katie McDaniel's wedding by my friend Laura Durchsprung. Although we should be joyous EVERYday, I am glad we have the Easter holiday to celebrate with others that Christ died and resurrected for our sins, and there is nothing we can do to repay him for it.

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