funny fridays-4.29

MOM: So, the Bruins are playing in the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Red Sox are playing in Baltimore, but your Dad is watching a program about the royal wedding logistics.

MOM: good luck on your accouting final today, sweetie! believe in yourself, breathe and you’ll do fine. your father and i went around town and grabbed applications to some restaurants and old navy just in case………

ME: Mom, I’m broke.
MOM: Sperm donors make a lot these days. And you’re in law school, tall, and handsome…big bucks
(3 hours later)
MOM: Howd it go?
ME: Mom, I did not go to a sperm donor. this is ridiculous
MOM: Please don’t send this conversation into that site.

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Unknown said...

Hahahahaaha these are hilarious!!!!!! The prostitute one is prob my fav!! :)