funny fridays-4.29

MOM: So, the Bruins are playing in the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Red Sox are playing in Baltimore, but your Dad is watching a program about the royal wedding logistics.

MOM: good luck on your accouting final today, sweetie! believe in yourself, breathe and you’ll do fine. your father and i went around town and grabbed applications to some restaurants and old navy just in case………

ME: Mom, I’m broke.
MOM: Sperm donors make a lot these days. And you’re in law school, tall, and handsome…big bucks
(3 hours later)
MOM: Howd it go?
ME: Mom, I did not go to a sperm donor. this is ridiculous
MOM: Please don’t send this conversation into that site.



I want to go here today:

My mom and both sisters went to Italy Tuesday! I'm really excited for them, especially my mom bc she hasn't been to Europe yet. They are going to Rome, Milan, Florence and Cinque Terra (the coast!). Am I a tad bit jealous? Maybs.


feeling unmotivated

Some days I just feel so unmotivated in my career life. Today is a day like that. I was recently talking with a friend about this. She told me that she used to judge girls who said they didn't really want to work but just wanted to stay at home and be a mom/housewife. Now she thinks that might not be a bad idea! While I agree that taking care of kids at home is as much work as a job (and probably more emotionally draining!), I still believe women should try to make money at least until the kids stage. I think it's important to have a good work ethic, and try to help out with the household income, if you are married.

But today I just feel out of touch with the corporate world. No job description sounds very appealing to me. I mean, I'm 25, with so much to look forward to in life. I should be the most eager I've ever been. I wish I had that drive others have to climb the ladder, sacrifice good times with friends to work overtime, or even start my own business. Maybe it's feel of failure. Or fear of being stuck in a bad situation. Fear of being unhappy. Am I going crazy here?


john piper and the prosperity "gospel"

A friend of mine posted this on her blog the other day, and I thought it was very powerful. I had somewhat heard of certain mega church pastors preaching about the Prosperity Gospel (ahem Joel Osteen), and I agree with John Piper that it is very wrong. America is sending such a bad message to all the poor people who are being told this falsehood.


music monday-4.25 easter and matt's bday

Hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend. It was Matt's 29th (one more 'til the big 3-0!) birthday Saturday, so we spent the day hanging out in Decatur. It was so relaxing to be able to do whatever we wanted. We ate at Taquieria del Sol, shopped some, and got a drink at Brick Store Pub. If you haven't been there, you need to go! It was just rated in the top5 bars in the country by Esquire magazine! We found this funky store called Heliotrope and saw this welcome mat. We obvi had to buy it!

Matt and his new mat

Taqueria del Sol

Brick Store Pub

For dinner we went to Carol Street Cafe in Cabbagetown, where we went on our first date. We met up with my sister and her hubby, and my roommate Kate. Then the five of us met up with my other sister Collen and her boyfriend Ian at this new bar in VA Highlands called The Family Dog. It was a very fun-filled ATL weekend.

Carroll Street Cafe

The Family Dog
The Easter service at my church was awesome on Sunday. I feel so much more connected to Stonebride after coming back from my mission trip. After church we ate lunch at my parent's house then dinner with Matt's family.

I absolutely love this song. It was sung at my friend Katie McDaniel's wedding by my friend Laura Durchsprung. Although we should be joyous EVERYday, I am glad we have the Easter holiday to celebrate with others that Christ died and resurrected for our sins, and there is nothing we can do to repay him for it.


my most embarrassing moment

You know that moment when a group of friends is talking, and someone pops the question, "What is everyone's most embarrassing moment?"

Honestly, I have quite a few, and I love telling them. There is nothing better than laughing at yourself and the awkwardness of an embarrassing situation. So here goes.

When I was about 13, I played on a club soccer team, the Dracas. My coach was Mexican, so we were the "dragons." Well one game, a (rather large) girl ran full force into me. She didn't even see me there. And if you didn't know me then, I was a tall and gangly string bean. Needless to say, I toppled over quickly and did not get up. I had the wind knocked out of me, and just laid on the ground while someone kicked the ball out of bounds. I remember my coach coming up to me, and saying "we have to get you breathing again, I'm going to help expand your lungs." So he begins to straddle me, by putting one leg on each side of my hip. He then grabs my hips with both his hands and starts pulling my waist to his, up and down, up and down. Meanwhile, my mom runs onto the field (parents aren't supposed to do that) and is freaking out. Apparently this was a trick he had learned somewhere to increase air flow. Since I was not able to breathe, I could not tell him to stop doing it! It probably lasted about two minutes, and it was dreadful.

Later when I had recovered and was on the sidelines, my teammates told me it looked like our pony-tailed coach was humping me on the field. As if your middle school years aren't awkward enough.


jay-z has nothin' on ATL

Happy Hump Day!
So I am trying to convince my friend Michael to move to the big ATL. I sent him this video Matt found online. I love it!


trendy tuesday-4.19

So my friend Alyssa told me about a place in Acworth called Rethunk Junk. The lady who owns it restores old furniture and sells it for very cheap prices! Here are some of my favorite recent pieces:









music monday-4.18

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The wedding I went to was so much fun, a big college reunion (with Matt added to the mix!).

The Avett Brothers are one of my favorite bands. They are a folk-rock group from NC and have some of the best harmonies I've heard. Here is one of my favorite songs, Offering. Sorry for the bad sound/video quality, but you can buy it here also.


funny fridays-4.15

Happy Friday! What are y'all plans? I am going to a friend's wedding in Birmingham, so I'm excited to see my college friends! Also happy it's April 15th and Matt no longer has to work on Saturdays!

Many of you know that I love SNL, especially Kristen Wiig. In my opinion, she has def. upped the game for female comedians on the show (or any show!). Here is a preview of the movie Bridesmaids starring Wiig that looks hilarious. Sort-of looks like Hangover mixed with My Best Friend's Wedding.

Here is a video of my favorite SNL skit she does, "Penelope."

Maya Rudolph plays the bride in the movie, and I love her as Whitney Houston:

If you want to pee your pants, check out an old post with the best video of Maya Rudolph here.

Ellie Kemper (Erin from the Office) is also in the movie. Three girls I love! Here is a classic Erin scene from the show:

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



Yesterday I said goodbye to my friend Sarah, who is moving to China for work until August! I have to admit, Sarah, I don't think I could live in Asia by myself for that long, but cheers to you for taking a risk! I know you will have such a great adventure! Hope you enjoy noodles!


recap on Costa Rica

Hey y'all!

It's so good to be back in the country. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, especially to Matt and Sara Pyles for being my prayer partners.

Everyone on the team was great, we all got along so well. The place we stayed at, Strong Missions, was located just outside of San Jose. The house had very generous and sweet people, who cooked fabulous meals. During the day we did construction on a playground and for an addition to the Strong Missions house, and then in the afternoon we did a VBS with the kids at a local church.

Starting on Sunday night, I got chills and my whole body was achy. I had to miss my team playing soccer with the locals. Then on Monday, my stomach was hurting so bad, so I kept taking Tylenol, not realizing they were 500 MG, more than what I normally take. I ended up throwing up all night, and had to go get a shot at the pharmacy of anti-nausea medicine. The doctor said that I didn't hurt my liver, so that's good! I had to miss the salsa dancing lessons with the team that night.

The rest of the time was very rewarding. We went to a church service (where they do Conga lines!). We also toured a Catholic shelter for who women who had been raped and impregnated by family members or friends.

The last two nights we went to Cauhita, a Rastafarian city on the Caribbean ocean. I have never slept so close to the ocean before and there were hammocks outdoor every room! We went zip lining and got to play in the huge waves.

It was so much fun and a humbling experience all the same. It was incredible to see how joyous the children at the VBS were, when they have few material possessions. If I have a chance to go back there, I would definitely do it.

My favorite little guy:


Music Monday...ish - by Matt

I've heard that the key to blogging is to keep the blog fresh; that is, keep updating it. With Rach in Costa Rica, I told her I would to that thing, so here goes. Also, to hear the songs you need to scroll down and mute her music before you play the videos in this post.

I used to be musically ignorant and would just listen to the artists the radio would play; nothing wrong with that, but my music just got old. I loved U2, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, etc, probably because every radio station in the world played them. Anyways, I asked a "hipster" friend of mine to get me into some new music; to tell me about somebody I needed to know about but didn't. She told me about Ryan Adams, and told me about some of his songs. I went on iTunes and bought some of the singles, but about a year later, I bought his album 'Gold'. I bought a 6 pack on my way home from work on a Friday and I turned my phone off as soon as I walked in the door. I ended up sitting on my balcony that overlooked the railroad and lake and I listened to the whole album (another weird story, Rach randomly moved into this apartment after I moved out). Some of the songs gave me goosebumps, some made me tear up a little. I had never been surprised by music before that night and I will never forget it.

The first time I ever saw Rachael was at a Ryan Adams concert, two months before we started dating. She was waiting for her sister and brother-in-law, who I've known for a while. She was wearing a plaid shirt and standing in the foyer at the Fox Theater, in between the two front doors.

My first date with Rachael was a concert. We both love going to concerts. If they weren't so expensive, we'd go to one every week. Anyways, I didn't really have any expectations for our first date except going to a new concert, but I was freaking out after I dropped her off. I was blown away by that night with Rach; I had never met somebody so beautiful, funny and full of life (she pushed some old guy who stepped on her at the concert, it was awesome). She brought her A game for sure! I couldn't sleep the night after, and I stayed awake scheming what my next move needed to be. Needless to say that I had never been so surprised from a first date. I will never forget it.


funny fridays-4.1, trip to Costa Rica

I'm going to Costa Rica today! I'm so excited, my first time to South America and my first mission trip. Please keep our Stonebridge team in your prayers. We will be returning Sat. April 10th. Matt said he was going to "guest post" for my blog next week, we will see if that happens. I leave you with this from whenparentstext.com:

Mom: Happy Birthday to the best thing I've ever made with eggs!