wanting to be a man (sort of)

I am super sore today. I had my first indoor soccer game last night, with a team from Stonebridge (my church) I joined. About five minutes into the game, I realized I am SO OUT OF SHAPE!! You only have five seconds for throw-ins and you only have 5 people plus a goalie on your team, so it is very fast-paced, especially playing with guys. I want desperately to be as fast as guys are. That, and to have upper body strength! What guy-ish quality do you wish you had?


Heather said...

Umm this post title is hilarious. I still owe you a call back. I want their ability to run seemingly w/ ease (cough cough Eric) and the ability to work out for a week suddenly see major change and have dropped 5 lbs. RIDICULOUS.

Rachel Lyn said...

Ummm.....I wish I could run like a guy! And pretty much wsh that girls could compete with guys in sports but unfortunately we are made diff but it still makes me mad!