funny friday-2.25

I have a new obsession with the website WhenParentsText.com. I also have a alove for DamnYouAutocorrect.com. I posted some of my favorites from recent posts:

MOM: Was your buddy zach downtown yesterday? I swear I saw him walking down state street :)
ME: Ahaha he was! :) good eyes
MOM: It was probably about 4pm on state street by marshall fields. I wish he had seen me yesterday…i was wearing cool earrings…he would’ve liked them.

ME: How’s skiing going?
DAD: Everything aches and we work up a breath just playing pool in this thin air. :’( Are you doing homework?
DAD: And the altitude makes me toot a lot :$

And of course, the classic failblog.org:
epic fail photos - Snow Reporting FAIL gif
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Kathleen said...

I like your new background!