music monday-2.28

Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I went to an Atlanta Oscar Red Carpet Party at the Cobb Energy Center with my friend Natalie (I will post pics tom.) I'm not religious about watching award shows, but when I found out James Franco (my #1 celeb crush) was hosting, I knew I wanted to watch this year.

One of my favorite categories is for Best Original Song. There were the nominees last night...
We Belong Together-Randy Newman, Toy Story 3
If I Rise-Dido and A.R. Rahman, 127 Hours
Coming Home-Gweneth Paltrow, Country Strong
I See the Light by Mandy Moore and Zachery Levi

I like the Dido song:


funny friday-2.25

I have a new obsession with the website WhenParentsText.com. I also have a alove for DamnYouAutocorrect.com. I posted some of my favorites from recent posts:

MOM: Was your buddy zach downtown yesterday? I swear I saw him walking down state street :)
ME: Ahaha he was! :) good eyes
MOM: It was probably about 4pm on state street by marshall fields. I wish he had seen me yesterday…i was wearing cool earrings…he would’ve liked them.

ME: How’s skiing going?
DAD: Everything aches and we work up a breath just playing pool in this thin air. :’( Are you doing homework?
DAD: And the altitude makes me toot a lot :$

And of course, the classic failblog.org:
epic fail photos - Snow Reporting FAIL gif
see more funny videos


music monday-2.21

This is long overdue! I thought I had mentioned this one a while back, but realized I forgot to. Such a neat song. Enjoy "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

And this is the cutest version of the song by a dad and daughter :-)



I'm going to Chattanooga this weekend! I'm so excited beyond words. I am going to see these friends! (minus Kelly and Ashley)I am so thankful to have all of them in my life, and also thankful that they all live in the south!


trendy tuesday-2.8

I bought this dress from ModCloth recently. I love the angled neckline. If you don't know, ModCloth is an online store that has great sales. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


music monday-2.7

This song is nothing new--it is not only a remake, but was on the first OC Soundtrack. Remember those awesome mixes? The OC gets credit for being the first TV show to put indie artists in their episodes. I just heard this song, Forever Young by Youth Group, a month ago and decided to choose it for the blog this week. Enjoy!