gyms and kickboxing

Today I worked out to a Kickboxing DVD I watched. I have been so very unmotivated to work out, so I am really proud of myself for doing the 60 minute session. Because it will be cool outside until April, I am considering joining LA Fitness. It's one of the nicer gyms in ATL and has a pool, full basketball/volleyball court, and a racquetball court! :-) My apartment has a few machines (treadmill, bike and elliptical), but it's so depressing in that tiny room and I don't feel that safe in there. (Are those good enough excuses?) Matt is thinking about joining too. It is $40 a month..cheaper than what one friend pays for at Midtown Athletic Club ($120!). I would like to know who has joined a gym, and if they felt like it was worth the price.

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Heather said...

I heavily rely on the Y now that I'm trying to start running especially since it's been so cold recently. I hate running on a treadmill vs outside but some days its just too cold plus I can mix up my boring routine other than Pure Barre :) w/ spinning, zumba, etc.