trendy tuesday

Fall is here! Normally I get really sad about the end of summer (and I am still sad), but on the bright side I get to wear cute boots! Here are some shoes I saw online I saw that I like:

Too bad these are a mere $975 from Saks:

One thing I don't like about being tall is not feeling comfortable in high heels like these :-(


carolineb said...

Love, love, me too!

jbsv said...

I would like both of these boots, please. After catching up on reading your blog I have concluded we would be good friends, with similarities being tied betw fashion and music. pulchritudious likes free with a history <3

Rachael L. Anderson said...

thanks jodi! i take that as a compliment. :-)
yea i'm trying to let people know about indie musicians who aren't on pop radio stations.