trendy tuesday-10.26

I'm loving blazers for the fall.

I can't believe velvet is back in. I remember the middle school days of velvet dresses.


music monday-10.25

I heard this band, Tokyo Police Club, on an episode of Gossip Girl a few weeks ago. Here is their song, Wait Up (Boots of Danger). It's a great song for exercising.


i want a puppy

It's been seven years since I had a dog. I realize that I should not tempt myself by looking online for puppies for sale, given the fact that pets are very expensive and I am in an apartment. Oh well. The breed that I am liking right now is a spaniel. Which one do you think is cuter? Also, which one would be a better pet? Feel free to let me know what you think.

King Charles Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel


music monday-10.18

I'm not even sure where I first heard Ryan Horne, but I have an album of his and love it. You can listen to my favorite song, Radio, here.



So I kinda sorta did something I probably shouldn't have done without a steady income.....

I went shopping.

But before you get on to me, here is a reason not to get mad -- this is what I do. I go several months without buying ANY clothes. Then I go through a month or so where I shop. Besides, my shopping is not other people's shopping (hint hint my roommate). I am pretty frugal and find great deals on the things I buy. To belabor my point further, here's another explanation.

I'm pretty sure I have a case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Cold weather (and rainy, dreary) really makes me sad. My friends will tell you. I can be pretty miserable when it's cold outside. Therefore, my theory is that if I have cute clothes, that I look forward to wearing, it will make me happier to leave the house when it's cold outside. Makes sense, right?

Maybe not, but it sounds good for now.

Anyway, here is what I bought:

I also bought a pair of brown shorts (like the brown ones in the next post).


music monday-10.11

First of all, I want to say Happy 59th Birthday to my dad! Love you.

I absolutely love James Morrison, and this is my favorite song he sings. It's at the end of the movie 27 Dresses. His voice is so soothing to me.


trendy tuesday

Fall is here! Normally I get really sad about the end of summer (and I am still sad), but on the bright side I get to wear cute boots! Here are some shoes I saw online I saw that I like:

Too bad these are a mere $975 from Saks:

One thing I don't like about being tall is not feeling comfortable in high heels like these :-(



So I just realized that I posted Music Monday on a Thursday. Not even close. Where is my mind??

Because I am currently unemployed, I decided to take advantage of this time off my traveling. Here are my latest adventures I have been on:

-Birmingham for college friend Kelly Towne's wedding shower
-Bradenton, FL to see college friends, Sarah Jean (and hubby Tim) Collins, and Katie Gronewald
-San Fran and Carmel/Monterey area of Cali with the fam, Matt and my sister Colleen's boyfriend Ian. I will post more about
that trip later!

-Panama City with college friends, Heather and Eric Brown, and Jenni Burgess
-Birmingham for friend Ben Burnett and Lindsay Ann Stone's wedding

Let me know if you want to go somewhere with me...I will probably take you up on it!