out of sync

So Heather Mackey Brown called me out for not posting lately....

I have been out of sync lately. I feel like although I am a spontaneous person, I still like having a routine (Does that even make sense?) My friends know that I set certain "rules" for my life.

At one point, it was:

- fast food allowed only twice a week
- had to run twice a week
- free fitness (my personal workout) twice a day
- had to cook one meal a week

I moved out for two weeks and lived at my parents house while they renovated our apartment. This is when it happened---i got out of sync. My routine went to the wayside. No more running, no more cooking, no more P90X me and Caleb were doing.

Now I'm back in our newly furnished (by an interior designer might I add!) apartment, but I still don't feel settled. I have been helping Matt move into his apartment, so I think I still feel in that "transition" stage still. But that ends here.

One good thing about me is that I can be really self-disciplined when I want to be. Hopefully those around me will help keep me accountable???


Heather said...

Haha, love it! Reegey cat, I can't believe you let your rules go...so unlike you. Don't make me come to the Atl to watch over your eating and workout habits! :)

Sara Pyles said...

Finally a post!!! I am so glad you are back in your apartment! Maggie and I will have to come see you soon! Love you Rach!