x to the eXtreme

So my roomate Caleb bought P90X recently. He wanted me to join him, so I have done it for three days. I'm actually kinda proud of myself because I have kept up my running, my "Kelly Ripa" toning workout and now P90X. We'll see how this goes. The only thing that sucks is the host of the DVDs. He is so cheesy, and a little sexual maybe?? It's weird. I'll keep y'all posted on how far I get with this. Here is a picture of my favorite move from the second day's workout. I like to pretend I'm in CATS on broadway while doing it. I call it "creep cat."

I can't remember what this one's called, so I named it "Swing your leg awkwardly around a chair move."

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leah said...

Rachael! Just found your blog... too cute! Very proud of you for doing P90x... Kyle and I made it about 6-8 weeks (me 6, Kyle 8) and then our life got too busy. I agree though he's totally sexual in what he says and SOOOO arrogant. I just wanted to slap him. GOOD LUCK!!