my life is average

A website I love is MyLifeisAverage.com. It has tons of meaningless stories from average people that are just funny to me. These were some of my favorite ones from today's posts:

-Today my boyfriend surprised me with sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne glasses and Peter Pan on VHS. We are both 19 years old. I feel like this was an acceptable way to spend the afternoon. MLIA.

-Today, I saw a lady eating licorice next to me at a red light. I realized that I really wanted some, so I screamed out the window "look at me" and asked for some and she threw a whole pack of twizzlers into my car. Thank you mystery licorice lady. MLIA

-Today I gave five dollars and all the spare change in my pocket to a homeless man who's sign read "Brother kidnapped by squirrels, need money for nuts and booby traps." MLIA

-Today, i lost my remote. the first thing i did was grab my phone and try to call it, then i realized i can't call my remote. i still haven't found it. MLIA

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