doppelganger games

So everyone on Facebook is doing this celebrity look alike thing right now. I don't really think I look like anyone, but people have mentioned Mischa Barton and Alexis Bledel. About 3 times for Alexis and 6 times for Mischa. I guess it's the tallness with brown hair?? I just don't see it. According to Lauren Steele, Alexis is really awkward in person. And I did talk to Mischa's agent on the phone recently (not kidding) and he said she was doing really well, despite her visit to a mental institution. Good for Mischa. Anyway, here are both women, so take your pick.

I think it makes sense that people are curious about what celebrity they look like. We live in a world that idolizes the rich and famous. We have a desire to be "defined" and also a subconscious tendency to compare ourselves to others. It just makes sense to me.


Meaghan said...

Love that you have a blog:)
Hope you are doing well. Ross and I miss you!
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P.S. My vote is on Mishca.

Kathleen said...