changing of the guards (roommate style)

So this morning my good friend from high school (and Park Creek Ct, the street I grew up on) Katie Mathis moved out. As my oldest friend (time-wise not age-wise), we have had so many memories in the last 18 years. Here are some of the "standout" memories:

-sharks and minnows across the street


-tons and tons of sleepovers

-when you tripped over the tree root and broke your arm

-our modeling pictures

-our PFL (Paper Football League) phase, which was in HS by the way

-transforming my parent's basement into Central Perk and acting like "friends"

-acting out Saved By the Bell (Katie was Lisa, my sister Colleen was Kelly and I had to be either Jessie or Stacy Karosi)

-Dream Phone

-many more to come

This is a picture of me and Katie at the Samford-Ga Tech game Senior Year

My new roommate is Kate Suess, a good friend from Samford. Kate is one of the funniest and craziest people I've ever met, and I'm so glad she is giving ATL a new breed of entertainment.

This is a picture of me and Kate at ADPi's rush junior year at school. Probably the worst Marilyn impression I've ever seen.

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Yeah its a pretty bad impression.