changing of the guards (roommate style)

So this morning my good friend from high school (and Park Creek Ct, the street I grew up on) Katie Mathis moved out. As my oldest friend (time-wise not age-wise), we have had so many memories in the last 18 years. Here are some of the "standout" memories:

-sharks and minnows across the street


-tons and tons of sleepovers

-when you tripped over the tree root and broke your arm

-our modeling pictures

-our PFL (Paper Football League) phase, which was in HS by the way

-transforming my parent's basement into Central Perk and acting like "friends"

-acting out Saved By the Bell (Katie was Lisa, my sister Colleen was Kelly and I had to be either Jessie or Stacy Karosi)

-Dream Phone

-many more to come

This is a picture of me and Katie at the Samford-Ga Tech game Senior Year

My new roommate is Kate Suess, a good friend from Samford. Kate is one of the funniest and craziest people I've ever met, and I'm so glad she is giving ATL a new breed of entertainment.

This is a picture of me and Kate at ADPi's rush junior year at school. Probably the worst Marilyn impression I've ever seen.


greatest website ever

Several of you already know this, but I'm kinda the queen of humorous websites. Failblog.org is probably my favorite. If you've ever seen Jay Leno's "Headlines," it is similar to that. Some are videos and some are photos. This is one I thought was great because I love nugs. By the way, I abbreive everything, so get used to it.

never thought i would start a blog...

So I didn't think I would start a blog before now. I just wanted to have something to record my thoughts so I can look back on them later in life. That way I can see things I used to think or feel, and therefore view my growth...or decline.

To start my first post, I am showing a picture of my side profile (which I hate). I figure I might as well show the real me, because that is the intent of this blog. Hope you enjoy, comment as you wish.