matt's brother is getting married!

This weekend Matt and I hosted a couples shower for Matt's brother Jonathan and his fiance Sara. They are getting married in Mississippi at the end of October. We are so happy for them! 


ruthie's 6 month photos!

I totally can't believe Ruthie is half a year old! She is starting to act like a little girl instead of a baby, which makes me really sad :-(. She reacts to us so much more now, and it's easy to make her laugh and smile. She is almost sitting up, and almost crawling. She can roll around to get across the room, but hasn't pulled up on her knees yet. She is loving her vegetables, has two bottom teeth, and still sleeping through the night! We love you so much Ru Ru! You make us laugh.


first solid foods

I recently starting giving Ruthie solids. So far she likes the fruit, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and peas I have given her, but she doesn't like the cereal or carrots I tried. The avocado is a hit or miss.

Here are some funny pics of the messes she makes! (carrots, cereal, blueberries :-)


luggage you can ride on

Have you seen this? Modobag is a cool new way to travel. You can sit on your carry-on luggage and it will take you through the airport. So neat!