labor day plans

For Labor Day my friends and I are going to Asheville, NC to stay at a cabin. We try to get together once a year, just the girls. We usually don't do anything too crazy, just lay around and eat like crap. This time though, we might go paddle boarding and maybe visit the Biltmore Winery. I'll probably stop by Helen on the way back to hang out with the hubby who will be there with his family.

What about you? Any fun plans for Labor Day? Any recommendations for Asheville?


concert time

When Matt and I started dating we saw a ton of concerts. In fact two of our first three dates were to see bands. I hate that they have become so expensive. I swear half of the cost is administrative fees! But we did suck it up last week to go see David Gray. He was great! We love his unique voice, he could make anything sound good. David Gray is special to us because we put two of his songs on our wedding favor CD.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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