my baby is 1!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since Ruthie graced us with her presence. She has brought us so much laughter and joy and love in these past twelve months. She is now standing by herself (only for a few minutes), eats pretty much everything, and says a few words like "uh-oh" and "dada" Matt swears she said "mama" one day but I missed it! She is an overall happy baby (despite current teething) and laughs a lot. We enjoy our daily walks, and our daily baths too! She loves chasing Maebe around, and bothering her while she's trying to eat. :-)

She celebrated her one year birthday by getting dedicated at our church. It was so sweet. Matt spoke in front of the church about how she was named after four strong, faithful women: Mary and Ruth from the Bible, my mom Mary, and Matt's grandmother Mary Ruth. She got to enjoy a smash cake and had tons of people there to celebrate her!


2017 new year's resolutions

2016 was a great year for me! I gave birth to the most amazing daughter Mary Ruth and have been enjoying getting to know and love her so much! I also started my own LLC designing prints. My sister got engaged, and my other sister got pregnant. 

I'm excited for 2017, to see Ruthie's personality come out more, watch her start walking and talking, and so many other fun things. My sister and her family are moving five houses down from us, my other sister is getting married, and my mom just got a puppy!  Things are starting out good. Here are my resolutions for 2017:

1. Look at my phone less and play with my daughter more.

2. Run more. Train for a half marathon (I signed up for one in June! Eeek!).

3. Cook more and start eating dinner at the kitchen table and not in front of the TV.

4. Make a profit from Merry Prints.

5. Stop talking negative about my appearance.

6. Meditate every day. See if this helps my insomnia.

7. Offer prayer (out loud) for more people.


2016 new year's resolutions: recap

Wrapping up 2016, I like to look back at my year to see how I handled my resolutions. Here we go! 2017 Resolution post coming soon.

1. Enjoy my new baby. Priority #1!

I feel like I did this pretty well! I love being able to work from home so I can hang out with her.
2. Get in better financial shape. Get better about sticking to a budget! Get more involved with our money in general, start investing.

Matt and I are on the same page about our finances and are slowing trimming down our debt!

3. Figure out job stuff. Find something I like that will help our family our financially; whether it's full time or part time or freelance.

I am working part time from home for Zercher Realty Partners, and I started an Etsy shop Merry Print.

4. Decide if we are going to move or not.

We were able to lower our mortgage with a refinance so we are staying put!

5. Get in better workout routine. Walk Maebe more, take barre classes, run one 5K and one 10K.

I still walk Maebe almost every day, but had to cut gym classes this year. I did one 5K this summer. I did not do the Gobble Jog 10K to save money. On average I only ran once a week.

6. Get on a better food schedule. Cook more, eat out less, eat better.

Still a struggle for us. Since we are trying to save money, we usually do "grab n growl" nights, where you just find something to eat in the house! We only eat out once a week and spend $25 at the restaurant. Didn't really cook that much more.

7. Volunteer in the community. I would like to start reading to people at nursing/disability homes.

I started volunteering at the retirement home here, either reading or playing trivia games.

8. Do a better job of cleaning my house. 

We got a Roomba which I LOVE! So this helps. I'm still not great at cleaning the bathrooms a normal amount.

9. Read more than I watch TV.

I have been reading so much! I try not to have the TV on when Ruthie is awake, so I will read on the couch while she plays. I still read every night before bed. But I still watch more TV than read.

10. Learn to fight more fair with Matt.

I think we have gotten better about this. We still fight about the same things though. :-)


11 month photos

Ruthie is 11 months today! I can't believe she is so close to being year old! :-( Her personality has really come through this month. She is cruising now and is more interested in what I am doing. She is actually more cuddly at this age too, which is so sweet. She is eating lots of things, but her favorite is fruit. She can say uh-oh, and dada (but it sounds more like gaga). It has been fascinating watching her learn about the things around her, like toys, baby monitors, and remote controls (which she loves!). She is still sleeping through the night, besides three slip-ups this month. Her naps are not as long but I still have time to work during the day. We love our daily walks, and bedtime reading. Her favorite book right now is Dada. We love you sweet girl!


double digit months!

Ruthie was 10 months yesterday! She is able to do so much more than even a month ago. She can crawl and pull herself up to standing position! She can say "uh-oh" on command, and raise her arms when we ask "how big is Ruthie?" She is getting more adventurous with solid foods but still is her mother's child and loves unhealthy foods! She wants to be friends with Maebe (much to Maebe's chagrin). Still sleeping through the night, but Ruthie isn't as restful for her nap times, and it takes her longer to fall asleep. She is smiley as ever, and a great baby!