This video is hilarious. A high school kid is claiming he identifies with a penguin and is wanting to wear his penguin costume. The teachers are opposed to him wearing it. He's obviously pranking them, although I'm sure there is someone out there who identifies with being a penguin! I hope I have a kid one day who is this hilarious.


i saw a very disturbing video today

The video is a hidden camera interviewing one of the top employees at Planned Parenthood. They are discussing how sometimes they will sell body parts of fetuses for money (which is illegal by the way). Talk about sickening. Anyway, here is the video. Warning of the graphic language. To read the full story, click here.


my 7 year-old niece's brush with the law

My niece was interviewed by 11 Alive after the cops in their small town of Helen, Ga shut down her and her friend's lemonade stand because they didn't have permit. The story is really cute, I love her little laugh after she says she doesn't know what a permit is! :-)